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This site is an offering.  

This site was developed to share writings and teachings, providing distance learning opportunities in the study of wisdom and compassion, and their expression in the world. The site is offered by Ven. Dhammadipa Konin Cardenas. She invites you to practice with her and with the wider Buddhist community, together exploring how to lead lives in beneficial service to the world, while awakening to the true nature of all things.

Four Points of Practice – In Brief

Many Buddhist practitioners require a fluidity of practice that is a consequence of, and expression of our modern times. They want to be able to shift quickly in practice intensity, at times due to family or work commitments, at times due to changing interests. Yet these practitioners also appreciate a comprehensive approach. They are no less committed to the path. So they resonate with a practice that fits into their whole world, not just a part of it. These kinds of students appreciate a practice model that offers the flexibility that they need, with the breadth of engagement that they want.

Ven. Dhammadipa has developed this offering of the teachings: a fully integrated model of practice that brings Buddhist compassion and wisdom to life in the midst of the issues and demands of a changing, often challenging world. It is called the “Four Points of Practice,” and it creates a framework for this online offering:

  • Sitting & Ritual

  • Sangha & Inclusion

  • Study & Arts

  • Service & Engagement

Ultimately, these are expressions of an integrated practice, both on and off the meditation cushion. 


This is a repository for teachings on the Buddhist path of self discovery. The aim is to support you to lead a fully engaged life of ethics, meditation, service, and contemplative arts. The site offers a variety of practices, grounded in the integration of Buddhism, and the wisdom earned in living in the modern world, but it is not a substitute for practice in person with a teacher.

The site:

~ explores how being of service brings us into relationship with all beings, while honoring the uniqueness of each individual

~ explores how study brings us into relationship with the practice of our contemporaries, and gives us a window into the practice of those who lived centuries before us

~ demonstrates how the arts and creative writing can bring forth new expressions of Buddhist teachings and the connections we all share, and reveal our unique capacity for bringing beauty into being

~ demonstrates that the reality of community harmony on and off the cushion is always available to us

Venerable Dhammadipa invites you to explore a life of wholeheartedly, wholesomely, adventurously exploring the wisdom of your mind and body.