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Curriculum Advisor

Honored Advisor


Rev. Shosan Gigen Victoria Austin

Shosan began practicing both Zen and yoga in 1971. In the Soto Zen tradition she is entrusted as a Dharma Heir in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki, and she is an international priest of the Soto School and a Dharma Teacher at San Francisco Zen Center. She has trained in the US, in India and in Japan. In the Iyengar yoga tradition, she is certified as an Intermediate teacher.

In all the forms that transmit the presence of awakening, whether handed down from the ancients or discerned from many beings, we mature our body and mind. We cultivate the united body-mind until it is wide enough to hold any concept of difference, and deep enough to endure through time.
— Rev. Shosan Gigen Victoria Austin