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How Do We Know the Way Home?

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A good Dharma friend of mine recently asked the question, "Even after enlightenment, how do we know the way home?" 

This is my reply:

Dear Dharma Sister, 

The realization of enlightenment is said to reveal the purity of the self and all things as mere momentary attributes of a constantly changing universe. For that reason, it brings profound peace of mind, because one is then able to truly rest in reality as it is, rather than suffer by clinging to things that will inevitably change.

In that context, there can be no immortal spirit, but rather all things as expressions of the luminous awareness of Original Function - not a object or a being, but an activity that is awareness itself. So you are right to say that we are more than a body, because we are beings that arise out of causes and conditions, and therefore we are inter-connected with everything. That is the great koan of Buddhism and of life - how is it that we are aware and what is it that experiences the stream of karma, the stream of change? 

One could say it is a constantly changing thing, this body and mind, precisely because it is arising in relationship to everything else. That is, a person is a wave that surges, crests, and sinks back into the ocean of reality. And that very activity creates the conditions for the next person/wave, which is not the same one reappearing, but a new one influenced by the karmic energy of the last.


Home is where we are in every moment because enlightenment - understood as absolute harmony (beyond any harmony we can imagine) with this Original Function, which we must be by definition - enlightenment/harmony is the nature of things. 

Realizing this (awakening or realization or actualization) is to find our true home, our true home in this moment, our true home in the great creative activity of all being. There is no place to go after that, because you have discovered you have always already been there.

Therefore, after realization, there is simply sharing and more and more sharing, as the Buddha did getting up from the bliss to go teach, as the Bodhisattvas did and still do, vowing to support all beings to discover this for themselves.

May you all abide in your true home, knowing that it is the great, vast oneness.