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The True Activity of the Bodhisattva

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The True Activity of the Bodhisattva:

Teachings of the Diamond Sutra as a model for engaging the world


How does the Bodhisattva path relate to a modern life? What is true Bodhisattva activity?  How does it make the world a better place? This class will explore the Bodhisattva activity of engaging with, rather than withdrawing from or trying to control the world, utilizing the Diamond Sutra as a pointer toward its lived experience.

The Vajracchedika Sutra or “Diamond Cutter Sutra” is one of the most widely studied of Mahayana texts, and it continues to be chanted in Soto Zen temples around the world nearly 2,000 years after its writing. It is said to be the true body of Buddha, expounding the teachings of wisdom beyond wisdom in just 300 lines.

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