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Anxiety-Responsive Care (ARC) practice

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This audio recording is a teaching that Ven. Dhammadipa has developed for responding to moments of intense anxiety. It is called “Anxiety-Responsive Care” (ARC) training, and is based in the principle of mindful awareness in the moment, grounded in the body. It is a process of finding a safe inner and outer environment, and can be used again and again as a support in times of high stress.

Registration is now open for the Aug. 17 retreat in Atlanta

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Join Ven. Dhammadipa and the community of the Red Clay Sangha in Atlanta for a day of sitting, walking meditation, two Dharma talks, and a community meal. Registration is now open at www.redclaysangha.org.

The topic of the retreat is the four kinds of courage.

“Meditation practice fosters an inner courage that brings clarity and strength to both our understanding of ourselves and our intimacy in relationships. There are four kinds of courage that can be discovered and cultivated through practice, and this daylong retreat will explore each of them, as well as provide a framework for continuing to engage with courage in your life off the meditation seat. Visiting Teacher Dhammadipa will give teachings on these four: the courage to be upright, the courage to be kind, the courage to rest in emptiness, the courage to be liberated.”