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Two-day Sesshin at Buddhist Insights: The One Who is Not Busy

This two-day retreat, led by Guiding Teacher Konin Cardenas, will be an exploration of the Zen teaching of "The One Who is Not Busy." It is a study of the inner and outer experience of stillness and activity. These aspects are all interwoven, inseparable, inescapable. Yet it is rare to take the time to deeply investigate this reality in our lives, to allow it to seep into our conscious experience. This sesshin, a two-day period of sitting and walking meditation, punctuated by chanting and meals, is an opportunity to study the one who is not busy, to experience this one.

Please join us and give yourself and the world the gift of turning the light inward to illuminate the true self. Only you can give yourself this gift. Only you can offer the benefits it brings to all beings.

For more details and to register, visit www.buddhistinsights.com